August 9th 2016

New ER at Kohala Hospital set to open soon

Kohala Hospital’s renovated emergency room is set to open at the end of the year.

The $1.2 million project at the hospital, which serves North Kohala, broke ground in 2013.

The upgraded four-bed emergency department will double the hospital's two-bedroom ER. Officials said the upgrades will benefit patients because the new ER will be separated from regular hospital rooms.

“Patients will have their privacy,” said Judy Donovan, marketing and strategic planning director. “If loved ones want to wait with them, now they can.”

The new ER will have a separate entrance, and will be served with an expanded parking lot.

Much of the project was publicly-funded, though the Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation was able to collect more than $400,000 for the upgrades.