November 20, 2015


…to everyone who has contributed over the years for the construction of our new emergency room. To date, the Foundation has provided $450,000 for this project. I thank Betty and Michael Meinardus and their commitment to raising funds via their annual golf tournaments, and thank their many generous donors on- and off -island.

I am grateful to all the members of our community who provide large and small donations via our annual Christmas mailer.

…to the individuals who donated money at our 2015 BBB&B live auction for new furniture for the hospital residents. They raised $19,000, which helped the Foundation purchase three new high-end beds ($24,000) for skilled nursing patients.

…for your generosity, which enabled the Foundation to purchase a state-of-the-art digital portable X-ray machine. This unit had an original price tag of $333,000 and was sent from the mainland as a demo. We were fortunate to be able to purchase this advanced technology unit for $124,000, including a 5-year warranty and full service support. Regarding the hot and cold food cart: After much research, the decision was made to purchase new state-of-the-art thermo food service equipment, which includes serving dishes, cups, bowls, utensils and a serving cart with an induction heater and trays. The cost for this improvement was $24,000.

…to our outgoing board members David Gomes and Hana Anderson for their service over the years. David generously crafted his unique ukuleles and they were always a center piece at our annual live auction fundraisers.

Hana has not only been the treasurer of the foundation, she has also been our bookkeeper and tax person. Over the years Hana created and maintained an effi cient fi nancial reporting system and profi ciently handled the complexities of monies received from our fundraising events and mailers.

…to our incoming board members Helen Levine and Cindy Sakai. Helen brings to the board her extensive experience with computer technology and is committed to managing our website and other computer needs. Cindy comes to the board as a seasoned CPA and currently serves as the treasurer at St. Augustine Episcopal Church. Cindy brings the experience and talent that will provide a smooth transition in managing the fi nances of the foundation. We are fortunate to have Cindy and Helen’s talents and expertise. Thank you, Helen and Cindy, for your willingness to serve on the board.

…to the current board members – Dixie Adams, Elaine Mumu Christianson, Rhoady Lee, Betty Meinardus, Joan Pruchniak and Shoshana Matsumura – for all your hard work and commitment this past year. I am proud to be working with all of you and am pleased with everything that we have accomplished for Kohala Hospital.

With deep gratitude, Giovanna Gherardi President Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation