November 24, 2012

Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation and Kohala Hospital Update

The construction plans for the new E/R are now at the Planning Department after successfully going through a lengthy review process by a state board that regulates hospital construction. We are very excited as that fabled light at the end of the tunnel has seemingly been sighted, and we can soon move forward into the construction phase.

For Your Information: shown below are all the purchases and services that KHCF has funded for Kohala Hospital. Fundraising started in 2002, and the first purchase was in 2004

04/30/04: Purchase 28 new patient beds $64,400

5/31/04: Purchase food delivery cart $3,659

11/23/05: Purchase patient commode seat $5,562;

06/29/06: Purchase Surgi stand/lift device $2,510

09/27/06: Paid for wood work in X-ray room $1,966

09/29/06: Purchased/installed new phone system $23,113;

09/29/07: Purchased new patient van $45,775

07/05/08: Purchased and installed new stove $9,175

11/14/08: Paid for flu shots for community $990;

11/26/08: Purchased portable X-ray $39,250

01/29/09: Purchased emergency auto vents $5,655

09/30/09: Purchased ultra sound and training for staff $41,400;

Since January 20, 2010, our Foundation has been saving funds in anticipation of the RECAP (Rural Emergency Care Project) construction start-up; we currently have $292,000 in our accounts toward that end. The two totals on this page equal $594,876, plus during the last 10 years approximately $45,000 was spent to pay the monthly operating costs like taxes, printing, bulk mailing, grant writing etc. Most of this $644,376 was raised here in Kohala. The support that our Foundation and this hospital have received from this community is humbling! Thank you!


Tommy Tinker

KHCF Board President